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Meenakshi Temple
There are over 33,000 sculptures in the temple complex of Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai.Architecture of the Temple The temple is built using Dravidian South Indian style of architecture,
Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal
The Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal, is a magnificent palace which dates back to 1636. Built by the Nayakar king, Thirumalai Nayakar, the palace is a curious blend of Dravidian and Islamic styles of architecture.
Constructed in the honor of Lord Vigneshwara, this divine temple is situated about 5 km from the meenakshi temple. It has a huge tank in the compound of the temple and holds the record of being the biggest tank in the region of Tamil Nadu.
Gandhi Museum
Once the place of Rani Mangammal of the Nayakar dynasty, this palatial building now houses the Madurai chapter of Gandhi Museums in India. The palace was built in 1670 by the Nayakar rulers and changed hands between the Nawab of Carnatic and the East India Company, among others.
This is the legendary place where the Tamil poet Avvayaar was tested by Lord Murugan asking whether she needs ” Sutta Pazham” or ” Suddatha Pazham”.
Alagar Temple
The main deity of this temple is Lord Vishnu who reincarnated as Kalalzhagar and this temple is famous for it’s chitirai festival. This glory of the temple dates back to 6th century and has been mentioned in Dhivya Prabandham.
Tiruparan kundram
This is the place where lord Murugan slayed Surapadman. This place also happens to be one of the Arupadai veedu and this is where Lord Murugan transformed Surapadman into his ” Mayil Vaahanam” his peacock vehicle.
Samanar means Jains and Hills means Kundru, this is a preserved monumental place that depicts how the Tamizh’s lived in harmony with the people of other culture and religion.
st mary's church
Built in 1841 and being 150 years old the church still stands as an epitome of miracles for all people irrespective of their religion. St. Mary’s church also known as Church of Our Lady of Dolours is actually a cathedral with the bishop’s throne in it.
This is the oldest mosque in Madurai which is still active for more than 700 years, it was built in 1284AD. The highlight about this mosque is that it is built by Kazi Syed Tajuddin a decendent of Prophet Muhammad.
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Chinnappa Nayakkar constructed the 100 pillared Mandapa Nayaka Mandapam in the northeastern part of second courtyard in 1526. This mandapa houses the famed Nataraja statue with his “right” leg up in dance mudra, instead of the left leg typically found in Nataraja bronzes.